Onur Law Office provides law based management consultancy services. The existing senior management structures of the Company are evaluated within the Corporate Governance Principles in this regard. Forms of work and job descriptions of the Board of Directors, the Early Risk Assessment Committee, the Audit Committee, etc., which should be established in accordance with the Corporate Governance Principles are defined and their powers and responsibilities are regulated. For this; to standardize processes, control of all internal procedures are written and authorities and tasks are defined in detail. As an important step in corporate governance, in order to make an effective and efficient authority delegation, through negotiations with the Board of Directors and related process owners, the existing approval limits and authorities are determined and a position-based authorization matrix is established for all processes. “Internal directive” is also prepared in line with the New Turkish Commercial Law. In this process, regarding Corporate Tax Consultancy as well as Sales and Marketing Strategies necessary support are given to the company. By business valuation with the most realistic and internationally acceptable standards, the company’s current value can be determined.