Onur Law Office provides the necessary legal support in all branches of law in accordance with the necessities of domestic and foreign companies and produces the best solutions that are innovative or beneficial to the emerged or to being emerging problems as quickly as possible. Our Law Office is a solution centre especially in Contracts Law, Commercial Law, Company Law, Labour and Social Security Law, Intellectual & Industrial Property Law, and Enforcement and Insolvency Law. Our main goal is to minimize the chances of problems emerging (preventive law), to inform our clients about new legal developments as soon as possible, to gain our clients with creative legal solutions.

Onur Law Office believes that it is imperative to know the companies to be consulted and the market they are in, and that the consultancy relationship should not be limited to the providing of lean legal knowledge. By acting in accordance with this belief, the company organizes all legal problems of domestic and foreign companies and produces solutions fit to the realities of life and commerce itself, thereby ensuring that their clients can progress safely on the road to growth.

Lawyers of Onur Law Office have the litigation and legal process experience on the international platform; become experts on the significant matters for the operation of the company that to protect the customers from the risks and costs of these processes and to operate and supervise the commercial relations and agreements related to these agreements; and commercial relations related to these agreements and the customs, international transactions, agency, distributorship, leasing (licensing), know-how management, general assembly and management of bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings, issues arising from patent, design law, payment and delivery forms used in international trade, international letter of credit (bank letter of guarantee) and etc.

In addition to these, Onur Law Office has represented a large number of domestic and foreign companies from their establishment until their liquidation phase including their investment, partnership and other significant processes. The priority of real and legal persons who are investing is to build their investments on a safe ground. Our priority as Onur Law Office in the process of establishment, development and liquidation of investment and partnership relations is to create the multiple solutions and sort out a best respond to the situation according to the expectations and needs of our clients and apply to the best solution to the situation. Our office is aware of the fact that the future of these relationships can be guaranteed with the accurate analysis and structuring in the first phase of the Company such as establishment, merger and acquisition; and operates the legal, financial and administrative situation and required due diligence service prior to the investment decision that is concluded with professional solution partners. All other processes, which are required by our domestic and foreign clients and exemplified below, meticulously followed in the process of put of the investment into the practice.

• Incorporation of company,
• Establishment of branch and liaison office,
• Preparation and negotiation of the Shareholder Agreement (“SHA”), Articles of Association (“AoA”) and Share Purchase Agreement (“SPA”)
• Merger& Acquisition,
• Joint Venture,
• Corporate spin-off,
• Conversion of the Company.