In the 21st century, called as the “digital age” or “information age,” the high rate of technological progress leads to an increase in the diversity of legal risks and problems in the Internet and IT sector. The ever-increasing number of digital platforms and social media users are integrated into systems and the number of digital infrastructures in which personal or corporate information is stored is rapidly increasing and the targets of those who are trying to obtain data from the virtual environment for various purposes expanding accordingly. On the other hand, the internet, social media and other virtual platforms have become important tools for promoting natural or legal persons’ products and services. It becomes widespread to cause loss for people or institutions by giving them misleading information by using these tools.

Onur Law Office, closely follows the technological developments and manages all legal and criminal proceedings against the infringements of natural or legal persons through internet and social media.

Technological infrastructure and software development efforts are undergoing a long, intense, focused and innovative process. A critical know-how emerges during and throughout these studies. In this new era that “knowledge is the greatest power,” we are giving support to our clients in the process of establishing the strategies needed to protect this valuable “knowledge”. On the other hand, the determination of the scope and usage limits of the moral rights of the software developers is one of the expertise areas of Onur Law Office and studies are being carried out in order to bring the balancing principles such as “De Minimis doctrine” to the law of our country which are ignored in our country’s judicial decisions related with IT law because of not being competent on.

In the framework of these technological developments and changes closely followed by Onur Law Office, Onur Law Office provides services such as legal solutions for client’s internet transactions, application and validity of digital signature , infringement of intellectual property via internet, protection of intellectual rights on the internet, protection methods of internet domain names, WIPO and ICANN arbitration procedures management, copying source code and legal protection of computer program (software contracts) in IT Law fields in addition to legal consultancy services regarding the internet activities of the clients in information technologies such as software, hardware, databases.