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Onur Law Firm Founder Lawyer Onur Ünal, in 1989, he graduated from the Air Force Academy and Ankara University Law Faculty. After completing his flight training in Single Engine Aircraft, he left the Air Force Academy and continued his education at Ankara University Law Faculty. In 1999, he obtained the titles of Trademark & Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney. After completing his Law Faculty education, he completed his internship with Av. İsmail Acar, former President of the Bursa Bar Association, and continued to work with him for a while. In 2000, he founded Onur Law Firm.

Onur Ünal worked as a lecturer in Commercial Law, Company Law, and International Trade Law at Uludağ University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 2003. In 2008, he successfully completed the Master’s Program in Economic Law at Istanbul Bilgi University. In 2009, he completed the ALP Program at Columbia University Law School in the United States as part of the doctoral admission procedure. Onur Ünal, who has published refereed scientific articles, is also the author of the book “Demands in Patent Law”. In addition, he worked as the Head of the Industrial Design Group at the International Patent Union (UPB) and as a Working Group Member at the International Competition and Technology Union (URTEB). Moreover, he served as a member of the UÇM in the DNS Working Group of the Internet Supreme Council. Onur Ünal served as the Chairman of the Legal Commission of TÜGİAD (Turkey Young Businessmen Association) Headquarters and as a Board Member of TÜGİAD Bursa. He is currently an honorary member of TÜGİAD. Additionally, he is a member of the İ.B.Ü. Alumni Association and Columbia University Alumni Association. He is a member of the Kitchen Friends Association and the Bursa Sailing Club. He served as a Member of the Young Management Board of the Bursa Bar Association between 2001-2003. He has been a speaker at universities, symposiums, TV, and radio programs.

Continuing his work with the philosophy of producing the best solutions for his clients in all branches of law based on international quality criteria and standards, he continues his efforts to create a better world.