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Onur Law Office provides necessary legal support in all areas of law according to the needs of domestic and foreign-capital companies, swiftly generating innovative and profitable solutions to emerging or potential problems. Its team of expert lawyers and consultants undertakes the role of a solution center, especially specializing in Contract Law, Commercial Law, Company Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law. Our primary goal is to minimize the likelihood of problems arising (preventive law), inform our clients of new legal developments as quickly as possible, and provide them with creative legal solutions.

Onur Law Office believes that it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the companies to which consultancy services will be provided and the markets in which they operate. It believes that consultancy relationships should not be limited to the transfer of basic legal knowledge. Acting on this belief, it organizes its team to produce solutions tailored to the realities of life and commerce, addressing all legal issues of companies both domestically and internationally, ensuring the safe progress of its clients on the path to growth.

The lawyers of Onur Law Office, while possessing experience in legal processes and litigation on the international platform, specialize in vital issues for companies such as the execution and monitoring of international commercial relations and contracts, problems arising from customs, tax, trademark, patent, and design law, payment and delivery methods used in international trade, letter of credit practices in international application (bank guarantee letter), international buying and selling, agency, distribution, leasing (financial leasing), license and know-how management, and the management of all processes of general assembly and board of directors meetings.

In addition, Onur Law Office has represented numerous domestic and foreign companies since its establishment in investment and partnership processes and during the liquidation stages of these relationships. The priority of individuals and legal entities aiming for investment is to build their investments on a secure ground. In the establishment, development, and liquidation processes of investment and partnership relations, our priority as Onur Law Office is to identify and implement the best solutions that meet the position, expectations, and needs of our clients. Conscious that the future of these relationships can be secured with correct analyzes and structuring in the initial stages such as establishment, merger, and acquisition, our office conducts the necessary legal, financial, and administrative situation and risk assessment (Due Diligence) services together with professional solution partners before finalizing the investment decision. In the phase of implementing the investment, the needs of our domestic and foreign clients and all other processes exemplified below are meticulously followed.

  • Incorporation,
  • Establishment of a branch,
  • Shareholder Agreement /SHA, Articles of Association and drafting and negotiation of Share Purchase Agreement / SPA,
  • Acquisition,
  • Merger,
  • Joint Venture,
  • Corporate Spin-off /Division,
  • Conversion.